5 must have skin care products for DURGA-PUJA

Hello my lovely friends, this is Piu here wishing you and your family a very happy Durga puja. The much awaited festival is finally here and I believe that you all had already made your puja plans like I had. In this post I would discuss about a few skin care products we must keep handy to prevent our skin from looking dull. In the next five days most of us will engage ourselves in incessant pandal hopping, non-stop adda sessions, munching delicious food , late nights etc etc. In spite of all these we would still love to look fresh every morning. So, let’s begin with the list of products which will help us in a great way to achieve that glowing skin.


The most important product that you need is a good sunscreen. Hopping from one pandal to another during the day time is bound to make you tan. Make sure that you apply sunscreen before applying any makeup. It will protect your skin from UV rays and Sunburns. Nobody wants brown spots & skin discoloration during the pujas. Do the needful by using sunscreen.



Scrub off all the dead & flaky skin every alternate days during the pujas. If you have extremely oily skin then do it daily. Use a mild scrub so that it’s not very harsh on your skin. Regular use of makeup & regular eating junk food is definitely going to cause dead skin cells. Remove them by scrubbing to look vibrant&healthy.



Moisturize after taking a bath or before going to bed. Without proper moisturizing  skin tends to look dull&patchy. Avoid such a situation by using a good moisturizer. People with extremely oily skin can also use Aloe Vera gel as moisturizer.



Sleeping 7-8hrs is what we all are going to compromise on during the pujas. I guess we do not even mind getting only 3-5hrs of sleep during this time of the year; but our under-eyes do mind and they are gonna end up looking dark like anything. Save yourself from thinking of various ways on how to color correct your sudden appeared dark circles by using a under-eye cream.



Last but not the least get yourself a foot cream if you don’t have one. Admit it HIGH HEELS give us pain; show some mercy to your poor feet & apply cream if possible twice a day.


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Thank you so much for reading 🙂 hope this helps you in some way…

Stay blessed. Enjoy loads. Stay gorgeous always :*


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