All time favorite: Denim + White Shirt

Hello my lovely friends, this is Piu here and welcome to my blog. This post is all about a simple & chic  outfit idea. There is something incredibly stylish about a simple white shirt & blue jeans. You can never go wrong with this pairing and never look out of fashion. Fashion keeps evolving with time, we keep adding and removing things from our closet but a blue jeans & white shirt has always remained there.


When in doubt go for denims & a comfortable white shirt; this will make you look chic in no time 🙂



To add a bohemian touch to my outfit I wore a chunky silver neck-piece & a big round ringer on my finger. The entire outfit looks pretty relaxed as I folded my jeans up to my ankles and carried a denim bag-pack. Denim bags always look trendy & complements the look best when you are wearing denim pants. For shoes you can wear white sneakers, brown blocked heels or loafers like I am wearing here. This look is perfect blend of style and effortlessness. There is no rule in styling a white shirt with denim; just wear it with confidence from head to toe. My shades are doing a perfect job in maintaining the easy going look of this outfit. Lastly my belt doesn’t fail to accentuate my waistline; don’t experiment with the belt in this kinda look just go for a simple solid color one. You can wear this look anywhere you want & I think it is a perfect example of minimalist fashion.


Thank you so much for reading 🙂



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Casuals like never before 🙂

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Stay stylish. Stay gorgeous. Until next time…. ❤



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