Nail-art for Valentine’s Day <3

Hello my lovely friends, this is Piu here wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. In this post I will explain step by step how to create this simple nail-art design (picture below) which is pretty apt for the season.


To create this nail-art you need:

  1. Red nail-polish ( I used lakme true wear 415)
  2. White nail-polish (I used maybelline 102)
  3. Black nail-polish ( I used maybelline 220)
  4. Clear top coat (I used maybelline 101)
  5. A ball point pen with no ink ( you can use your dotting tool as well, since I don’t have one I used a pen)


File your nails to get the desired shape. I generally prefer square nails so I try to get that.


Apply one coat of red nail-polish on all the fingers except the ring finger. Let it dry completely. After the polish is completely dry apply a second coat to get the desired opacity.


Apply a coat of white polish on your ring finger. Let it dry completely and then apply a second coat to get the desired opacity.


Take a ball point pen with a sharp nib and no ink or your dotting tool. Dip the nib in white nail-polish and create a polka dot on your ring finger. Repeat this step and fill your ring finger with this kind of polka dots design. This design is relatively easy to create.


Now for the index finger you need to create heart like shapes in a diagonal pattern. You have to create three hearts with the largest at the bottom & the smallest at the top. For creating this you can pour some white polish in a dish as it will be easy to dip & draw. Work quickly as the polish dries out pretty fast.


Draw a small heart at the top left side of the middle finger with the pen and some white polish. Add one drop of white nail paint and spread it out in the shape of a heart with your pen or dotting tool.


To create the design in the ring finger you need two colors red and black. Put one drop of red nail polish at the bottom of your nail , dip the nib in red polish and spread the drop of polish in a heart like shape. Repeat the same step to create another heart above the first one. Clean the nib with nail polish remover & cotton and then dip the nib in black polish. Draw two curved lines to finish the design. Let everything dry.


To finish off apply transparent top coat. Let it completely dry and your nails are valentine ready πŸ˜‰


Thank you so much for reading πŸ™‚

stay blessed…


Until next time…..

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