DIY: Turn your regular glossy nail-polish into matte nail-polish

Hello my lovely friends, this is Piu here and I am back with a new post. In this post I will share a few simple steps by which you can turn any of your regular glossy nail-polish into a complete matte nail-paint. Matte nail-polish is very much in trend and I absolutely love the way it looks. So if you want to achieve matte nails without a matte nail-polish then keep reading 🙂



  1. Regular glossy nail-polish of your favorite color
  2. Cornflour (1/3 of a small cup)
  3. A cup of water
  4. Base coat (optional)



Apply your base coat to protect your nails and let it dry completely. This step is optional, you may skip this step if you are okay with applying nail-polish on your bare nails.


Apply one coat of the nail-polish (any of your desired color) and let it dry completely.


Apply a second coat of polish on your nails. Immediately after applying dip your nails in the cup containing cornflour. Make sure that your nails are completely covered with cornflour. Keep it like that for a minute or so.


After one minute, take your nails out and dip them in the cup containing water. Let all the excess cornflour wash away and then take your nails out.


Do not rub your nails to get rid of the excess water. Let it air dry. It will take around 3-4 minutes for your nails to get completely dry. That’s it, your nails are done and you can flaunt your perfect matte nails 😉

Thank you so much so reading. Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. To find out more on nail-art make sure that you follow me on INSTAGRAM. 🙂

Stay gorgeous. Stay blessed!


Until next time…


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